zenteki ni ibitsu na koukatsu – driving -

This work is a series of “zenteki ni ibitsu na koukatsu”.
It attempt to make minicar run on the Road Traffic Law and to read out.
we casually obey The Road Traffic Law , and our behavior is controlled by it.
In this work, it is done to read The Road Traffic Law in a different way by the system.

A camera in The minicar captur sentence of The Road Traffic Law .
(These images are projected on the screen.)
These images are converted date of character by software.
( In this time, context of sentence become strange because of software mistakes)
A software read out The destroyed sentence.
A series of processes is Autmatic. The minicar moves at random.

Format : Installation
Production periods : 2009
Materials : Computer, projecter, speaker, DVcamera, screen
Software & language : yonde!koko, DTalker 2.1、Processing、Apple Script
Size : W1800 × H2900 × D2900 mm