zenteki ni ibitsu na koukatsu

This work is installation destroy sentence of the Compendium of Laws and synthetic sound read out.

Process: To destroy the low that is the authority for the order and expresses strange situation as be behind rearities.

System: A DVcamera captur sentence of the Compendium of Laws. This images are projected on the screen.
The images are converted date of character by software and in this time, context of sentence become stramge because of software mistakes.
A software read out The destroyed sentence.
A series of processes is Autmatic. A camera pan in cycles.

Format : Installation
Production periods : 2006
Materials : Mac, projecter, speaker, DVcamera, screen
Software & language : yonde!koko, DTalker 2.1、Processing、Apple Script
Size : W1800 × H2900 × D2900 mm