zenteki ni ibitsu na koukatsu – Bear in the forest・The Peach Boy・Soap Dubble -

photo by hirotaka hirabayashi

This work is a series of “zenteki ni ibitsu na koukatsu”.
This series is focused on unexpected Conversion by computer program, perception gap that occurs through the people, and conversion of the image.

In this work, I recompose the nursery song by images gathered by the internet image search, movies taken by myself, and drawing.

[structure of work]

dividing into clauses
EX : The Other Day / in the forest / I Met / a bear / ….

In each words, gathering images and movies.
The material which was gathered in three different ways, show as installation at the same time.
this work is controlled by computer programing so images are different Combination.

[The three different ways]
In each words…
– movies taken by myself
– movies of improvised drawing
– images gathered by the internet image search

Production periods : 2012
Materials: Computer, projecter, monitor
Size : W4000 × H2900 × D4000 mm
Cooperation:Uuuco.i / KAWAKAMI Shugyo / Maiko Jinushi / Mai Takada / Mitsuru Tokisato